Newswire: UnREAL’s Stephanie Bennett to guest star on Shadowhunters

Everlasting love might have eluded her on UnREAL, but Stephanie Bennett will soon be hunting bad guys on ABC Family—The Wrap reports that the erstwhile Pepper will guest star on the upcoming Shadowhunters. Bennett will play “abrasive badass” Lydia Branwell on the McG-directed series, which is scheduled to debut in early 2016.

Although Lydia’s described as a “beautiful and no-nonsense” Shadowhunter, she reportedly began as a plot device: Author Cassandra Clare, who’s co-writing the series, recently admitted that she created the Lydia character as a way to bring two other characters together. While that’s not the richest backstory, Lydia will also have experienced a “terrible loss” in her past, so Bennett could hang around for more than a handful of episodes.

Bennett is currently in the midst of tackling the dual roles of Lori Loughlin and Lori-Loughlin-as-Aunt-Becky in Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story. She …

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