Newswire: United Airlines CEO gives this “apology” thing another shot

United Airlines has been giving customers glimpses of its monstrous true form for years now. But the full extent of the company’s disrespect for human life wasn’t clear until yesterday, when a man, who has since been identified as Dr. David Dao, was violently ejected from an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville by police officers, one of whom has since been put on leave.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz then proceeded to make the matter even worse by pulling some positively Orwellian PR doublespeak: Dr. Dao was not “dragged” off the plane, you see. He was simply “re-accommodated.” This prompted the internet, in its infinite creativity, to find myriad ways to tell United to go re-accommodate itself, forcing Munoz to issue another statement more closely resembling an actual apology earlier today. Here it is, courtesy of Business Insider—which ironically enough just this morning ran an interview …

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