Newswire: Underwater horror manga 6000 is becoming a movie

There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this world—heights, darkness, spiders—but deep water is truly the only legitimate thing to be afraid of. The bottom of the ocean is way deeper than a tall thing is tall, it’s way darker than any other darkness, and the ridiculous monsters that live in the ocean are magnitudes scarier than even the scariest spider. Just imagine yourself slipping under the waves, grasping for anything to hold onto, screaming for help even though you know every second floods your lungs with more water, and then—so quickly you might’ve imagined it—something touches your leg. As you fall deeper and deeper into the endless black nothingness, you wonder if you’d be better off letting yourself drown….

So, it is with intense trepidation that we report on the news that 6000, a Japanese horror manga series …

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