Newswire: Undercover launches tomorrow, and here’s the 2015 song list

Yes, we’re launching a little bit later than usual this year, but A.V. Undercover season six is already off to a cracking start with two “pre-season” entries from Laura Jane Grace and an Andrew Jackson Jihad/Jeff Rosenstock super mash-up. And tomorrow we’ll start the official 2015 series with a return appearance by a band that gave you just what you needed their first time around. Here’s the list—we’re doing 30 again this year—in no particular order. As usual, they’ll run every Tuesday, though we may be doing some double weeks so we can get done in time for Holiday Undercover. Thanks for all the suggestions; we literally got thousands of solid ideas, so it was hard as hell getting this down to a manageable number.

The Cardigans, “Lovefool”

Blind Melon, “No Rain”

Beastie Boys, “Sabotage”

The Strokes, “Reptilia”

Crowded House, “Don …

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