Newswire: U.S. Treasury Secretary criticized for telling Americans to see movie he produced

It’s well known that America’s current Secretary Of The Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, is a former Hollywood insider and film producer. Or not-so-former, given that he still has a movie or two in theaters—namely, Lego Batman and Fist Fight—and a few more, including Lego Ninjago, on the way. Of course, various ethics rules, like the ones that dinged Kellyanne Conway for promoting Ivanka Trump’s fashion line last month, exist to stop Mnuchin from using his influence and power to encourage people to see his movies. But none of those dusty old rules can stand in the way of a reporter straight-up asking Mnuchin what’s good in theaters right now, because your old pal Steve’s not going to bullshit you about the hottest ticket in town.

“Well, I’m not allowed to promote anything that I’m involved in,” Mnuchin told journalists at a press …

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