Newswire: U.S. Customs continue to turn away SXSW performers

This weekend, we reported on the ordeal of Italian rock band Soviet Soviet, whose members were interrogated, arrested, and ultimately deported after attempting to enter the U.S. in order to play at the upcoming SXSW. Now, Billboard reports that even more international artists are facing a similar (if slightly less draconian) fate, getting turned away from the country when they show up on their way to perform.

The problems seem to stem from the status of the B-1 tourism visa, a document that non-paid bands have used for years in order to enter the United States to network, find representation, and perform. But SXSW’s web site notes that travel into the U.S. on a B-1 is “often granted but not guaranteed,” and a recent crackdown has now caused members of Canadian-Egyptian heavy metal band Massive Scar Era, plus London-based drummer Yussef Kamaal, to be turned away as …

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