Newswire: U.K.’s Brexit produces rare appearance of Lindsay Lohan: Voice Of Reason

It’s official: the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, a wide-ranging, complicated decision that we’re somehow forced to talk about via the label Brexit, a portmanteau that sounds like the latest puffed rice innovation from Kellogg. Understandably, social media is already swirling with Brexit-themed jokes and expressions of despair from people affected by the exit. And, as it turns out, some of those people are famous, which is a relief, since the quickly dashed-off reactions of celebrities are the only way we have to make sense of the often-terrible things that happen in our big, stupid, complicated world.

Obviously, many of the high-profile responses tonight are going to come from comedians, always the first line of attack in the information wars. As with any other group, that response can range from the solemn, like one from comic Hari Kondabolu, to the satirical, in the case …

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