Newswire: Tyrese Gibson really, really wants to play Green Lantern

According to Tyrese Gibson, the next actor to don the Green Lantern suit should be Tyrese Gibson. Known for his hard-nosed roles in the Fast And Furious and Transformers franchises, Gibson has been campaigning to be cast as DC Comics’ greenest superhero. He’s recently posted 14 images of himself dressed in a mock Green Lantern suit to his Instagram, with captions such as “Rumor has it that” and “I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure.” No, there have been no rumors Gibson might step into the role, nor has his commitment been sought, exactly. The dude just really wants to be Green Lantern, and an artist named Bosslogic has helped him find his look.

The next Green Lantern film has been slated for 2020, but we suppose you can never start an unsolicited campaign too early. If anything, Gibson’s enthusiasm should be applauded. With a …

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