Newswire: Tyra Banks says a Life-Size sequel is in the works

The late ’90s and early 2000s truly were a golden age of Disney-produced made-for-TV movies, and now one of the brightest stars of that golden age, Life-Size, might be coming back for a sequel. That’s according to original star Tyra Banks, who told Hollywood Life that there have been “many drafts of scripts” for Life-Size 2, and that the Disney Channel people “keep re-doing it, and re-doing it, and re-doing the script” because “they just want it perfect.” The original Life-Size premiered on ABC in 2000, and it featured Lindsay Lohan as a tomboy who accidentally turns a doll into a human (Banks) when she tries to use magic to bring her dead mom back to life. There’s no word on if Lohan will come back for a Life-Size sequel, but the whole hook of the movie is a doll becoming a person so they don’t really …

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