Newswire: Tyler Perry to host a live musical presentation about Jesus on Fox

The recent fad of TV networks putting on elaborate live musical presentations has certainly been thrilling (mostly in terms of the hilarious tweets they inspire), but this whole trend has been lacking a certain something that could boost these musicals from “occasionally tolerable” to “extremely marketable.” No, not talent. We’re talking about Jesus.

Thankfully, Fox has also noticed this appalling lack of general holiness in America’s live musical events, so it has hired Tyler Perry (the owner of “What Would Jesus Do?”) to host and narrate a live presentation of Dutch musical sensation The Passion. This comes from Deadline, which says the two-hour performance will “tell the story of the last hours of Jesus Christ” with “a cast of top entertainers performing popular tunes.” Of course, the story of Jesus’ final moments is a bit of a downer, so the people behind the original production of The Passion …

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