Newswire: Twitter users see more movies than non-users, are definitely more annoying about it

Twitter, in addition to being an invaluable social media tool, is a place where people go to complain about how Superman’s outfit didn’t live up to their expectations. The overlap between films and Twitter users is the subject of a new Nielsen study, which Variety reports offers some unsurprising data on the correlation between movie attendance and usage of the app. It seems that Twitter users are more likely to see movies in the theater, are more aware of upcoming films than non-users, and—unreported in the survey but definitely true—are 100 percent more likely to make you wish you hadn’t checked your Twitter feed.

The study, conducted in mid-March, was an online poll of moviegoers aged 13-54, meaning that the demographic of spoiled 12-year-olds towards whom nearly all Hollywood films are geared was left out of the study. For the purposes of the poll, “moviegoer …

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