Newswire: Twitter user arrested for sending seizure-inducing GIF

The New York Times reports that a Twitter user has been arrested by the FBI, in connection to an image that was sent to Newsweek senior writer and Vanity Fair editor Kurt Eichenwald in late 2016, with the successful intention of causing him to have a seizure. The image contained flashing lights and the phrase “You deserve a seizure for your posts,” and was directed toward Eichenwald—who’s written openly about his epilepsy a number of times over the years—shortly after he appeared on TV to mock Donald Trump.

The image was sent by a Twitter poster operating under the name @jew_goldstein, because of course it was. Eichenwald (who’s also the author of the book-turned-movie The Informant) tweeted out a Department Of Justice statement on the arrest, which says that 29-year-old Maryland resident John Rivello has been arrested on charges of cyberstalking in connection to the post …

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