Newswire: Twitter might end its 140-character limit, because we need more of people’s thoughts

Twitter users have long known the frustration of trying to reduce their multifaceted thoughts on the latest hot-button politic topic and/or Empire plot twist into a slim 140 characters. And that kind of minimalism means nuance is usually the first thing to go. But there’s good news for those who want more space to craft their @midnight hashtag jokes: Twitter may finally be loosening up its 140-character limit—kind of.

According to Recode, Twitter executives are currently discussing potential ways to ease up on the site’s oldest restriction, including the idea of removing links and Twitter handles from the total character count. It’s not the first time Twitter has relaxed its rules a bit: The site recently added the “retweet with comment” feature and lifted the 140-character limit on private messages.

One current senior employee praises interim CEO Jack Dorsey for the shift. “People have been …

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