Newswire: Twitter is cracking down on joke theft, and Conan O’Brien is being sued for it

Finding someone else’s joke on Twitter, reposting it as your own without attribution, then collecting the retweets and faves that lead to your own development deal has quickly become our modern path to fame. But that infrastructure may be in peril now that Twitter is allowing users to file DMCA complaints against suspected joke thieves, then hiding their copycat tweets at the request of the “copyright holder.” For those who want to become famous Twitter comedians, it seems they will have to revert to the traditional method of paying a room full of desperate gag writers $5 a tweet.

As The Verge reports, tweet-shaming account @PlagiarismBad was the first to pick up on Twitter’s new initiative, noting that it had taken down several tweets ripping off a “juice cleanse” joke originally made by freelance writer Olga Lexall.

BREAKING NEWS: Twitter is hiding tweets reported stolen. And it’s …

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