Newswire: Twitter, House Of Cards mock Sean Spicer for wearing his American flag pin upside down

It can’t be easy being Sean Spicer, dealing with a hostile press corps, spinning presidential falsehoods and tweets, and always knowing Dippin’ Dots is out there somewhere, waiting to settle the score. And if you screw up—by, say, heading out to do your daily briefing without checking that your American flag pin is right-side up—not only do you hear about it from the sass-mouthed reporters and Twitter, but from popular TV shows, as well.

That’s exactly what happened to the man-shaped White House punching bag today, when reporters noticed he was wearing an upside-down flag on his lapel. One asked whether it was a distress call—a reference to the fact that the flag is only supposed to be displayed in that orientation as “a signal of dire distress”—a question Spicer was forced to say no to, despite what he might have been feeling in …

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