Newswire: Twitch combines 831 Power Rangers episodes into one giant marathon

If the various Power Rangers shows have taught us anything, it’s that anything worth doing is worth doing in Megazord form, where everyone combines their separate giant robots into one super robot. A particular story’s central theme may be that bullying is bad or whatever, but the real message behind every Power Rangers episode is that the best way to solve your problems is to go way over the top, then go over the top again, and then do it a few more times for good measure by calling in even more giant robots and then firing some ridiculously giant lasers at your problems.

Video game-centric streaming service Twitch has apparently embraced that “bigger is better” philosophy, with io9 reporting that the site’s Twitch Presents page will be celebrating the upcoming Power Rangers movie by streaming a marathon of all 23 seasons of the show—from the …

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