Newswire: Twin Peaks-themed restaurant to open, invite a lot of Twin Peaks-based food jokes

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks was famously fetishistic when it came to food, what with all the damn fine cups of coffee, heavenly cherry pies, and myriad donuts Special Agent Dale Cooper was always shoving down his endlessly affable gullet. Now, in the wake of the show’s upcoming revival on Showtime, a group of London restaurateurs are looking to capitalize on its resurgent popularity, launching The Owls Are Now What They Seem, a pop-up restaurant with a planned two-month tenure starting in the August.

Owls won’t be the first pop-culture-pop-up London has seen in recent years; Game Of Thrones got the treatment back in February, and a Breaking Bad-based restaurant is currently in the works. The Twin Peaks attempt at the concept, though, is being billed as an “immersive Twin Peaks theater, complete with a three-course meal designed by experimental foodies,” promising interactive experiences along with the …

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