Newswire: TV viewers buy what Liam Neeson tells them to buy, according to advertisers

Americans love to buy things, but sometimes choosing which things to buy is a little too hard for our hamburger-stuffed brains to handle. That’s where ads—or “advertisements,” as they’re known in the industry—come in. If that word sounds familiar, it’s probably because the concept of advertising was recently popularized by the hit TV show Mad Men, in which a secretive man who drinks at work is tasked with writing flashy slogans that will get people to buy things.

Mad Men may not be real, but people who appear in ads and tell us what to buy certainly are. They can be British vacuum cleaner inventors, cartoon animals with cereal addictions, or even celebrities. Of all the celebrities who tell people what to buy, though, nobody is more effective than Liam Neeson—at least according to a recent study conducted by the TV ratings fans at …

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