Newswire: Trump trots out his greatest campaign hits for Florida rally

Although Donald Trump’s rally down in Melbourne, Florida tonight has been reported as being an early part of the president’s reelection bid for 2020, it read much more like a blast from the not-so-distant past. Over the course of the speech, Trump played a number of his favorite riffs from the 2016 campaign, including his number one, most requested track: the lying media, a.k.a. “the enemy of the American People.” After that, he took a few swipes at his now defeated rival Hillary Clinton—managing to simply refer to Clinton as “my opponent” for once, instead of calling for her to be locked up by name. Then there were some references to his incredible ability as a deal maker, demanding that the reinvigorated Dakota pipeline be made only with real American metal, ensuring a real American oil spill somewhere down the line. Then some more free-form …

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