Newswire: Trump threatens legal action against 17-year-old’s cat website

Donald Trump ran on a platform that promised to protect America from her enemies, though he’s mostly been focused on throwing his new, presidential weight around to secure footholds in foreign countries for his business and malign privately-owned commercial enterprises over who they choose to do business with. But just like he threatened the press, the new troll in chief appears ready to take on democracy’s greatest foe—a teenage girl with a website full of kittens.

San Francisco resident Lucy used to run a website called Trumpscratch, which, like the name and above image suggest, involved batting at images of Trump with digital kitten paws. This was an offense too great for Trump to bear, though—no, not the part about the cat-scratch fever, but the use of his name, which is an “internationally known and famous” trademark. And his lawyers are right that the name automatically …

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