Newswire: Trump thinks CNN’s making too much of his body-slamming video

As part of the gaslighting campaign that is his presidency, Donald Trump is chiding CNN over a video he reposted on Twitter, in which he appears to be clotheslining the cable news outlet. The clip is actually from his 2007 appearance at the WWE Battle of the Billionaires, where he “battled” Vince McMahon. One industrious Reddit user altered the video of the choreographed knock-down drag-out, placing the CNN logo over McMahon’s face so that it would look like Trump was like, totally owning the cable network.

The meme creator reveled in and backed out of the spotlight recently, but not before CNN could learn his identity. The media outlet has since come under fire, with people like Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz insisting that CNN’s report, in which it confirmed it knew just who HanAsshole Solo was, was tantamount to blackmail. One hashtag campaign and official denial …

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