Newswire: Trump returns on SNL, finds governing more difficult than campaigning

Last week’s Saturday Night Live avoided the issue of how the show was going to take on president-elect Donald Trump, with Kate McKinnon’s shell-shocked Hillary Clinton singing a heartfelt goodbye to the presidency (and calling on those equally stunned at the prospect of a Trump administration to keep on fighting). That task fell to last night’s Kristen Wiig-hosted episode, which began with Alec Baldwin reprising a role that he’s not particularly excited to play for the next four years. But what choices does the show have beyond putting a wig and orange face paint on Baldwin? A Trump puppet on the hand of Beck bennett’s perennially shirtless Vladimir Putin? An emergency hire of Anthony Atamanuik?

As it turns out, the more things change, the more they stay the moderately amusing same, as Baldwin, at least for now, is back on board. In the cold open …

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