Newswire: Trump might have an imaginary friend named Jim

The Associated Press reignited questions around a presidential mystery today, when it posted a piece asking whether Donald Trump has an imaginary friend named Jim. “Jim”—whose descriptions by Trump as a “very, very substantial” figure now seem weirdly defensive— has been a recurring feature in Trump’s speeches for some time now, generally when his comments drift toward Paris and France. He (or maybe “he”) got his biggest shout-out back in February, when Trump recounted an anecdote/story-time session in which Jim said “Paris was no longer Paris,” presumably because more of the types of people Trump hates were now living in the city.

At the time, The New Yorker launched an extensive investigation into Jim’s identity, asking any number of high-powered Jameses and Jimmys whether they were the president’s no-last-name-given associate. Nobody came up, although Trump did score Euro Disney tickets for himself and his ghost-man …

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