Newswire: Trolls and Trump Jr. claim CNN blackmailed creator of Trump-wrestling meme

Few people who generate memes—regardless of whether or not they threaten the fourth estate—expect to see them really catch on, let alone be shared by the president of the United States. But that’s what happened to the Redditor who altered a video of Donald Trump wrasslin’ Vince McMahon during WWE’s 2007 Battle of the Billionaires. The video, which went viral after the president posted it as part of his wake-and-hate Twitter ritual, shows Trump manhandling a stand-in for CNN, all of cable news, and presumably, anyone who disagrees with him. The Reddit user, HanAssholeSolo, gushed about the spread of the anti-press meme in the same subreddits where they’ve posted Islamophobic and anti-Semitic shit, like this graphic about CNN journalists.

The sudden notoriety supposedly proved to be too much for HanAssholeSolo, though, and they reached out to the CNN journalist who had apparently learned their identity …

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