Newswire: Travel Channel to air a 12-hour road trip live in its entirety

Norway, a quiet, peaceful Scandinavian country that has decriminalized the possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana for “personal use,” is currently enamored with “Slow TV,” a phenomenon that began when government-owned TV channel NRK decided to broadcast a seven-hour and 40-minute train ride in its entirety. That broadcast pulled in 1.2 million viewers in a country of 5 million, and the next event, a live, 134-hour real-time cruise, was watched by 70 percent of Norwegians. Since then, NRK has produced massively popular TV events consisting of nothing but 14 hours of bird watching, 18 hours of salmon fishing, and something called National Knitting Evening, a show that was probably still more entertaining than Celebrity Game Night.

Now the Travel Channel is trying to bring the phenomenon to America with what it calls Slow Road Live, a 12-hour road trip that will be broadcast live on November 27 …

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