Newswire: Toy Story writer debunks Woody’s polio-filled “backstory”

The Toy Story franchise is already more melancholy than the average kids’ film series, what with all the near-death experiences and broken-hearted, abandoned cowgirls. But even Pixar’s darker work rarely goes so dark as to cite polio, which is why fans of the films were kind of surprised when someone claiming to have intimate knowledge of their inner workings started saying that a bout of the crippling disease was ultimately the reason Woody and Buzz’s owner, Andy, was being raised by his single mother in the series’ first film.

io9 reported on the claims, which came from Mike Mozart, a toy designer and reviewer who’s said that he once consulted for his friend, late Pixar writer Joe Ranft, on the characters’ backstories. According to an appearance Mozart made on a recent episode of the web series Super Carlin Brothers, Andy’s dad (also named Andy) was Woody …

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