Newswire: Toronto now has a Harry Potter-themed bar

Because nothing goes with a story about 11-year-old school chums than liquor, there is now a Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto. The Lockhart, named for the egomaniacal, secretly-useless Defense Against the Dark Arts professor from Chamber Of Secrets, is packed with references to the wizarding world both subtle (a Deathly Hallows symbol hidden in the bar somewhere) and not so much (a giant neon sign reading “all was well,” the last line of the series).

Toronto weekly Now profiles the bar and its owners, self-described Hufflepuffs Paris Xerx and Matt Rocks, which we’re pretty sure are names J.K. Rowling came up with for them. The duo have invented drinks like Befuddlement Brew, the Shacklebolt, and Ludo’s Debt, as well as a drink that’s free if you can untangle the obscure reference (although we’re not sure how they prevent a round of drinks on the …

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