Newswire: Toronto lineup includes Ridley Scott’s The Martian, new Michael Moore polemic

Come the second Thursday of September, the city of Toronto will once again play host to a teeming mass of movie stars, movie fans, movie directors, movie critics, and people who just want to scream the names of that first group while jostling for a glimpse of them in their best eveningwear. Yes, the Toronto International Film Festival is once again imminent, and to whet everyone’s appetite, the programmers have announced the first round of gala screenings and special presentations. As usual, it’s a totally enticing grab bag.

The opening night film will be Demolition, from Dallas Buyers Club and Wild director—and TIFF alum—Jean-Marc Vallée; the film casts Jake Gyllenhaal as an investment banker struggling with the recent death of his wife. It’s far from the only big-name film already on the schedule. Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Martian will also screen …

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