Newswire: Tommy Wiseau would like to make a slavery movie, maybe win some Emmys

This past week, with little fanfare, Hulu unveiled two more episodes of The Neighbors, Tommy Wiseau’s so-bad-it’s-horrendous-not-to-mention-weirdly-racist-and-frankly-borderline-unwatchable sitcom. It turns out that—at least according to the auteur behind the project—the reason for this has to do with awards season. Specifically, Emmy awards, and how Tommy would like to win a couple. In a new interview with Fusion, Wiseau explains that the episodes had to come out, if he wanted the show to be eligible for consideration:

We have a contract with Hulu that we releasing total of 12. Eight, actually. I think it’s eight, or 12. But we needed two more to qualify for Emmys, so we actually submitted to Emmys—there was deadline [Tuesday]. I don’t know which episode you saw, but we’re very happy what’s happening. It’s a creative process that I like.

Beyond the bold declaration that whatever …

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