Newswire: Tommy Wiseau directed a music video

Everybody’s favorite director of unknown origin is back behind the camera (and in front of it as well, obviously). Tommy Wiseau, he of the endlessly rewatchable The Room and the not-even-watchable-once sitcom The Neighbors, has again put images to screen, this time for a music video. The song, “California I Follow,” is by the Los Angeles band Corsica Arts Club, who were likely more than happy to get Wiseau on board for the shoot, because here we are, talking about it. Wiseau even penned a short statement to accompany the release of the video, in which he gets the band’s name wrong, and says the vision behind the video is Romeo And Juliet for a new generation:

I enjoy very much working with the band, the Corsica Art Club. I think all the members did very a good job. They have certain vision. Same here. I’m, as …

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