Newswire: Tommy Lee Jones to scowl at Matt Damon in next Bourne movie

Matt Damon will once again be putting on the iconic nondescript outfit and generic, Matt Damon-y haircut of Jason Bourne for a yet-untitled fifth Bourne movie, and Variety is reporting that famous Hollywood tough guy Tommy Lee Jones will be joining him on this next globe-trotting adventure. Well, not “joining him” per se, because Jones will almost certainly be playing this movie’s “CIA big-shot who really wants to take down Jason Bourne”—a role made famous by Chris Cooper, Brian Cox, and David Strathairn in the other Bourne movies. That’s what Variety’s sources say, at least, so they could be wrong, and Jones might actually be playing another mind-controlled CIA super-spy like Jason Bourne. Who wouldn’t want to see Tommy Lee Jones running around some European city, pausing only to occasionally pull off a cool car chase or kick a henchman out of a window?

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