Newswire: Tom Hardy has signed on for three more Mad Max movies

Based on the trailers, Mad Max: Fury Road looks pretty cool, right? Well, it better, because we might be in for a whole bunch of Tom Hardy-fronted Mad Max movies. According to Esquire (via Collider), Hardy is signed on for three more Mad Max movies—assuming Fury Road is a hit. He sounds excited about the possibility of beating up more crazy guys in the Australian wastelands, but Hardy does note that “everything’s based on figures and how things are perceived,” so a new Mad Max “quadrilogy” is still far from actually happening.

Also, Collider points out that Mad Max mastermind George Miller has been planning out these movies for a long time, so if Fury Road gets a sequel, he’ll be ready to start working on it as soon as possible. Maybe Mad Max movies will replace superhero movies soon, and we’ll just get four or …

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