Newswire: Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, and other stars to throw an online telethon for the ACLU

As Donald Trump continues to overstep his authority by doing everything he can to spit on the Constitution, a lot of people in this country are beginning to realize just how important the American Civil Liberties Union is. Evidently, a lot of the rights and freedoms that Americans value aren’t just granted to us by magic, they’re fought for in vicious court battles. Unfortunately, those vicious court battles are expensive, especially when the government is run by rich assholes, which means the ACLU has to depend on donations from freedom-loving Americans and anyone else looking to stick it to Donald Trump in order to survive.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ACLU’s latest plan to get donations is to stream a star-studded telethon on Facebook, with the organization describing it as “the first time in history people have something productive to do on Facebook on a Friday …

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