Newswire: Tom Hanks still knows his part of the rap from 1987’s Dragnet

Tom Hanks, the reigning king of the guys everyone wants to be friends with, just notched a few more cool points. In a recent appearance on the U.K.’s The Graham Norton Show, Hanks proved he’s more than just a pretty, grey-haired face, rattling off his part of the rap from 1987’s Dragnet, a film even Dan Aykroyd has probably forgotten. Though “City Of Crime” has taken on a bit of an internet mystique since its release almost 30 years ago, Tom Hanks has appeared in dozens of movies since, and while it’s completely possible he just re-learned the rap in order to have something to talk about while he was on Norton’s couch, it’s more fun to assume it was always just in his head, rattling around and coming out at inopportune times around the ol’ Hanks homestead. Here’s hoping it’s …

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