Newswire: Tom DeLonge says he quit Blink-182 to focus on “national security,” UFOs

It’s never been a secret that former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge is a bit of a space case. He’s long owned and operated a “mysteries of the universe” type website, and in February 2015 told Papermag that he had made contact with aliens. Now DeLonge is claiming that his pursuit of extraterrestrials is actually why he left Blink-182, and not because of some “immature” falling out he had with the group.

In an interview with Mic, DeLonge said his work is a “national security issue,” and that he “know[s] of stuff [he] can’t talk about right now.” After being prompted by the Mic interviewer to talk about “aliens,” DeLonge clarified that the UFO truther community doesn’t really call them “aliens,” saying, “that’s a term people throw out there, and rightfully so because the government spends a lot of time and money throwing that term …

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