Newswire: Tom Cruise has spent a year training for a Mission: Impossible stunt

Unless this Mummy reboot really takes off, the Mission: Impossible movies are basically Tom Cruise’s last real connection to the mainstream Hollywood success that he used to effortlessly command just a few years ago. Even with his high-profile divorce, his occasionally strange behavior, and the fact that his entire life has become an advertisement for the magical powers of Scientology, the Mission: Impossible series has ensured that he’s still a big-time movie star. That’s why it’s important for him to keep making those movies successful, because without them, he’ll just be another wealthy acolyte waiting until God returns from space to free mankind from this lizard monster prison universe or whatever.

Part of making the Mission: Impossible movies popular involves each one being bigger and better than the last one, especially in terms of the ridiculous stunts that Cruise has to do. Mission: Impossible—Ghost …

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