Newswire: Tom Arnold says “Watergate-level” journalists are investigating Trump’s ties to Russia

With the inauguration now only three weeks away, Tom Arnold’s tossing up a Hail Mary. Earlier this month, Arnold said he’d seen some kind of outtake reel that showed President-elect Donald Trump spitting out various racial and misogynist slurs. These videos also reportedly feature the once-and-future Celebrity Apprentice executive producer saying shitty things about his own children. “I have the outtakes to The Apprentice where he says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever. I have that,“ Arnold told Seattle radio host Dori Monson. He also claimed to actually be in possession of these new “tapes,” which sound like they could have come from a Trump family dinner but are actually outtakes from his Apprentice filming days.

Naturally, the actor-comedian was asked why he hadn’t released the alleged tapes at any point pre-Trump victory, you know, when they might have made a difference. Arnold said …

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