Newswire: Toe offers a look into its universe with “The World According To”

Japan’s Toe has existed for 15 years, though to American audiences the band is easily perceived as a new entity. It’s only toured the states a couple of times—its current tour is about to wrap—and its albums were often hard to come by domestically. That is until Topshelf Records took the initiative to put Toe’s albums on vinyl for the very first time. On July 24 Topshelf will release the band’s third album Hear You, which is the first release from the band since its 2012 EP The Future Is Now. The A.V. Club is streaming “The World According To” below, which sees the band’s instrumental post-rock becoming even more refined. As the track proves, the band has yet to settle down. Instead, as it approaches two decades together, Toe continues pushing the already nebulous boundaries of post-rock with apparent ease.

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