Newswire: Today will be “A Day Without A Woman” here at The A.V. Club

While we do, admittedly, sometimes bury it in a thick defensive layer of snark and pop-culture trivia, deep down we care deeply about social-justice issues here at The A.V. Club. (You might even call us “social-justice warriors.” It’s okay. We’ve heard it before.) Many of our staffers are politically active, and have become especially so ever since the inauguration of our first jagoff president less than two months back. (Yes, it’s been less than two months, although it seems like several lifetimes.) As part of that political activism, we are joining other employees of Onion Inc. and our corporate cousins at Gizmodo Media Group by participating in the #ADayWithoutAWoman strike in honor of International Women’s Day.

As is often the case with women’s labor, while some of The A.V. Club‘s female employees have a very public presence, others work long hours behind …

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