Newswire: Today in Star Wars feminism: female directors and a “giant saliva testicle”

Doubling down on desires expressed earlier this year by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the people responsible for Star Wars have recently met with four unnamed directors and three unnamed screenwriters, all women, to potentially join the franchise’s creative team. (It may or may not say something about the current state of the series, feminism-wise, that taking meetings with a bunch of women can be seen as a big step forward.) There are currently five upcoming Star Wars movies—Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, plus Rogue One and the untitled Han Solo prequel—and they’re all being written and directed by men, so it’s nice to see Lucasfilm making cautious steps toward addressing the imbalance.

There’s absolutely nothing hesistant, meanwhile, in Carrie Fisher’s approach to the state of women’s rights in the galaxy far, far away. Having …

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