Newswire: Today in mixed emotions: The human life span may have no upper limit

In case you haven’t seen Logan yet, living way longer than the average person isn’t all it‘s cracked up to be. In fact, it kind of sucks. You see, although centenarians disagree on the secret to a long life—117-year old Emma Morano, currently the oldest living person on Earth, says that she eats three eggs every morning—111-year-old Agnes Fenton’s prescription of three Miller High Lifes and a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue Label a day seems to be, sadly, very much a minority opinion.

So it’s with a healthy fear of our own mortality and a bowl of wheat germ that we relate a story that recently ran in The Guardian about a series of papers printed in the journal Nature, suggesting that the human life span has no naturally occurring upper limit. Professor Jim Vaupel from Germany’s Max Planck Institute for …

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