Newswire: Today in hologram news: Hologram Chief Keef shut down at Indiana benefit concert

Chief Keef is just 19 years old but already an accomplished rapper, child-support avoider, and fringe bystander at shootings. As a teenager who is also a wildly successful person, he has that rare knowledge of what “the kids” are into, combined with the ability to cater to those interests in an impactful way. So it should come as no surprise that he planned to stage a “live” benefit concert in Hammond, Indiana, projecting himself in hologram form all the way from Los Angeles. Young people love holograms—just ask the Coachella 2012 crowd.

Unfortunately, the concert was shut down by Hammond police just one song into the whole virtual affair. It was staged to raise money for the families of Dillan Harris and Melvin “Capo” Carr, the former a toddler hit and killed by a car involved in the drive-by murder of Carr, an associate of Chief Keef. The benefit …

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