Newswire: Today in god, we’re tired: Kanye West announces album title (again)

Kanye West has announced the name of his new album title, The Life Of Pablo, alongside what he’s referring to as a final track list, on Twitter. West, who has now changed the name of this album—which he’ll debut at a sold-out Madison Square Garden show tomorrow—so many times that a sort of learned helplessness has set in for those of us contractually obligated to talk about it, will also stream the event on Tidal.

Final track list for The Life Of Pablo

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 11, 2016

The announcement suggests a number of questions, most of which would would be a lot more alluring and provocative if they hadn’t been preceded by a month of either unchecked, fickle perfectionism, or malicious toying with the media. Why do some of the songs have green dots next to them? Did anybody …

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