Newswire: Today in Donald Trump: More Miss USA fallout, jagoffs gonna jagoff

Poor Donald Trump. That hardworking shithead just can’t catch a break. Patrons and media companies have been dropping the national-laughingstock-turned-joke-of-a-presidential-candidate and his Miss USA Pageant left and right, all because he made some minor comments about how an entire nationality is composed of criminals. What’s a down-on-his-luck asshat to do?

If the past 24 hours are any indication, there’s always another tawdry port in an orange-hued storm. Deadline reports barely-there cable channel Reelz has picked up the rights to Trump’s Miss USA Pageant, set to air on an upcoming Sunday night. It’s not the first time Reelz has picked up other networks’ cast-offs: it made a similar move in 2011, after miniseries The Kennedys was dropped by The History Channel. And much like Kennedy himself would have done, the Miss USA Pageant involves a bevy of stereotypically attractive women being used and then tossed aside …

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