Newswire: Toby Kebbell also claims there’s a “great” version of Fantastic Four out there

Toby Kebbell is out doing the press rounds for Warcraft, the film adaptation of the ever-popular World Of Warcraft game for which he once again donned a motion-capture suit, this time to play the orc chieftain Durotan. If the film’s a hit—China and Jamie Lee Curtis are certainly plugging for it—Kebbell will probably be able to wash off the stink of failure that’s still emanating from last year’s Fantastic Four reboot. But it turns out the actor, who played Doctor Doom in the film, has no hard feelings about Josh Trank’s take on the super-powered quartet. He recently backed up the director’s claims that there’s a “fantastic” version of the film that just didn’t happen to get released in theaters.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Kebbell discussed several of his previous roles, including his poignant performance in 2014’s …

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