Newswire: Tobey Maguire set to make directorial debut with Blood On Snow adaptation

With someone younger and quippier wearing Spider-Man’s tights these days, Tobey Maguire is moving on to a new job that’s more appropriate for a wizened Hollywood veteran like him. According to Deadline, Maguire is set to make his directorial debut with Blood On Snow, an adaptation of Norwegian author Jo Nesbo’s 2015 thriller novella. The original story is about a hitman who “has a love for storytelling and doing the dirty business,” but after a powerful crime lord hires him to kills his cheating wife, the hitman ends up falling for her instead. This prompts him to go on the run and try to get help from the crime lord’s rival, which “puts everything in his life at stake.”

Nesbo himself will write the adaptation, so even though Maguire doesn’t have a lot of directing bona fides, hardcore Nesbo fans shouldn’t be too worried.

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