Newswire: TNT orders pilot for crime-spree drama from Justified exec producers

Americans love a good crime spree, whether it’s the deadly romance of Bonnie and Clyde or the political leanings of the Ex-Presidents gang. There’s just something about a small team of friends roaming the country, stealing from people, and then zipping off in madcap police chases that captures the public’s imagination. Granted, our perception of crime sprees may have been colored by years of obsessively watching movies and TV, but we’re sure a real crime spree involves tons of madcap police chases. Anyway, Variety is reporting TNT has picked up the pilot for Robbers, a crime-spree drama based on Christopher Cook’s novel of the same name. The project will be executive produced by Michael Dinner, Sarah Timberman, and Carl Beverly, all of whom were also involved with Justified. Interestingly, country star Tim McGraw was attached to executive produce and star, but has since dropped out …

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