Newswire: TNT decides that a modern-day Civil War show doesn’t sound like fun anymore

In what could be the most understandable decision in the history of television, TNT has decided not to move forward with its modern-day Civil War pilot Civil. This comes after the network was optimistic about the project for several months, even going so far as to order multiple scripts and plan a special preview for the pilot in November, but TNT started to second-guess the whole thing when the pilot was finished in August. At that point, the network decided not to rush the show into development, and now Deadline is reporting that it has dropped Civil entirely.

So what happened between then and now? A little thing called the election of Donald Trump. As it turns out, Civil wasn’t just about a war splitting the country in half, it was about a war that happens in the aftermath of “a hotly contested presidential election,” and it would’ve …

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