Newswire: TNT cancels Proof, setting the stage for it to return in another life

Ensuring that it might someday return as a whispering voice on a tape recorder, or maybe just a bargain-bin DVD release, TNT has canceled Proof, its single-season drama about the twin searches for life after death and a good, post-The L Word vehicle for Jennifer Beals. The series starred Beals as a “hard-nosed” surgeon who used her durable proboscis to sniff out rumors of the afterlife, at the behest of eccentric billionaire Matthew Modine.

Executive produced by The Closer powerhouse Kyra Sedgwick, Proof apparently pulled reasonable ratings for the cable network, but was ushered off this mortal coil due to demographic concerns. It turns out, go figure, that a show about someone performing a rational investigation into the possibility of life after death appealed to older, less marketing-valued viewers, for reasons that are a little too sobering and sad for us to think about for very long. Anyway, Proof …

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