Newswire: TLC’s Kickstarter campaign is working out pretty well for them

If it feels like only days ago that esteemed ’90s R&B girl group TLC launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund what it claims will be its final album, that’s because it was. Fans of the group didn’t feel like waiting to get this project off the ground, apparently, because with 27 days still remaining TLC has already raised well above the $150,000 goal and the album is a go.

The Kickstarter campaign is at $204, 522 and rising, thanks in part to big-name supporters like Katy Perry, who pledged $5k to the album. (This means Katy gets the reward of a sleepover with TLC in Los Angeles, for which she is doubtless already planning her outfit.) The group has also thanked famous backers like Russell Simmons, Soulja Boy, and Bette Midler. TLC assured contributors that every dollar will continue to go into the album, saying, “The more …

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